The Sanctum Ophidia trial is located in High Craglorn  added with a Craglorn patch in September 2014. Trials are special PvE group instances in Elder Scrolls Online, which can be identified by the trial-eso-dungeon icon.  They have special mechanics and group tactics for 12-player groups to accomplish, and present unique rewards for players


The Path to the Possessed Manticore

Follow the first path along the cliff, eliminating the mob groups that come towards you. At the end you reach the boss room, where you will find a mini-boss in the middle. After his demise, the two fire bowls are activated next to him. Once these are activated, several waves of mobs spawn that you have to  fight. Dragonknights should consider pulling in the Scaled Court Conjurers (horned helmets) & Archers with their chains to facilitate the fight. They come 2 at a time and once these Conjurers die then the endless waves stop coming, so the quicker they die the better. We recommend a stack formation (each player stood directly on top of the other very close together). DK Deep Breath ability can also be used to interrupt the Flame Paths & Arrow Spray abilities the mobs have.

The boss appears even before the last wave is eliminated so careful not to agro him before your ready.

First Boss: Possessed Mantikora (38.7million HP)

Sanctum Ophidia was upgraded to include both a Normal and Veteran mode. On both versions the Mantikora now does an AOE Cleave Heavy Attack. This will kill anyone not blocking or not a Tank in the Cleave radius and it is pretty huge.

Also the Health of the Mantikora was increased from 13.7million to 38.7million, which means no avoiding the Black hole on Veteran mode. So which roles and groups do we need to make it passed Sanctum’s first boss.


1 Tank, 1 Off-Tank/DPS, 2 Healers, 8 Damage Dealers

Both Tanks need to be able to tank the Main boss and the Black Hole boss at anytime during the fight. Remember this when your adding DPS to your Offtank build. Healers need to recognize the moment to change roles from DPS to Healing, otherwise they try to also keep up as much DPS on the boss as possible.


Group Positioning



Group #1: 1 Healer – 2 Ranged/Melee DPS

Group #2: 1 Tank – 4 Melee DPS

Group #3: 1 Healer – 2 Ranged/Melee DPS

Unofficial Group #4: Off-tank + 1 DPS. As there are 5 stood around the Mantikora 1 DPS must move away from the Manti towards the Off-tank as the Black Hole is about to drop. This helps to stop the problem of no Tank in the Hole.

Each group is a self-contained black-hole team with the healer stood in the middle on the side groups and each group is well distanced from the other groups. The 2nd tank can melee DPS the boss or be solo ranged DPS between the groups ready to join whichever group gets sent to the black hole boss. As soon as the black hole emerges there are a few scenarios that can happen.

  1. The black hole forms on top of a person in Group #1. Off-tank jumps in the black hole while Group #2 & #3 run quickly and stack on top of the Main Tank.
  2. The black hole forms on top of a person in Group #2. If the Main Tank is in the black hole, the Off-tank taunts the Main Boss while Group #1 & #3 run quickly and stack on top of the Off-Tank. If the Main Tank is not in the black hole, the Off-tank jumps in the black hole with the others from Group #2.
  3. The black hole forms on top of a person in Group #3. Off-tank jumps in the black hole while Group #1 & #2 run quickly and stack on top of the Main Tank.

For the Tank/Off-Tank

Always face the Mantikora away from the group. Earth Runes are not too much of a problem. Dodge the first one to the side or backwards, walk out of the 2nd Rune and then dodge inside the 3rd Rune back into position. It’s very important for the DPS that the boss is in a good position and standing still for the most amount of time possible.

What you should be careful of is getting too much DoT damage from the Culminating Slam poison damage from the bosses huge AOE (this means someone didn’t block), or from the Hemorrhage DoT that the boss puts on you with it’s heavy attacks. This Hemorrhage only occurs from heavy attacks done by the boss during the Poison Shard phase. There’s a video below of the Boss fight from the Off-Tank’s perspective.

Phases of the Boss Fight

The Main Tank taunts the Boss out of it’s starting position (the red misty spot underneath ‘Group 2’ in the image above) and into the middle of the arena (black square). Group 2 moved in as the boss passed by and all groups spread out in their area, giving a good distance between each player.

Earth Runes

soss15The Boss puts red-circles below 2-3 players at random. There are 3 red circles one after another on the same player. Roll dodge out of the first one quickly (away from your fellow players) then walk away from the 2nd circle. The 3rd red-circle forms slightly later and is bigger than the first two. Roll dodge inside the 3rd AOE and you will be perfectly safe from damage.

Culminating Slam

After a 2nd round of red-circles the Boss will do a massive AOE. This need to be blocked. For every block which is missed every player recieves 3-5k damage times the number of blocks missed, so blocking this is extremely important.

Black Hole

soss12A black hole will now form at a random location underneath at least 1 player. Whichever side has the black hole on it, all of that group goes in, aswell as the roaming Offtank.

The remaining players not in the black hole must go directly to the back of the Mantikora and remember hold block when the Slams appear. When the Main Tank moves the Mantikora you move with Manti. Three players can be chosen to ‘kite’ the Poison Shards the boss throws down. They can stand slightly further away from the group. This is not usually needed however.

Poison Shards, Baiting and Stacking

The Main Boss drops a poison red-circle that does a heavy bleed effect. The Main Tank must keep the Boss facing away from the rest of the group because of the Cleave. 5 DPS can stack at the back of the Mantikora. 3 players (usually both Healers + 1 Ranged DPS) stay out of the group and away from each other. The Poison Shards will drop on these 3 people. Make sure to block the Shard if it does land on you as the impact stuns you.

You can start moving out of the poison while blocking as soon as the red AOE starts forming below you. After the shard has landed you can let go of block and walk out.

soss16Every other Poison Shard the boss will do the Culminating Slam so everyone must block it or everyone gets heavy poison damage. A Nova (Solar Disturbance/Prison) or Veil of Blades can be put down on the boss or on the group respectively to help negate the damage from the Slam.

Split back into Groups

The black hole team emerges victorious after beating their boss. The Main boss is stunned by this and everyone awaits the final Culminating Slam attack. Then they split into Groups #1, #2 & #3 again and you go back to the Earth Runes stage. Repeat this until the Manticora is dead.

If you get the Mantikora down to 20% or lower and he drops a black hole, think about maybe staying up top and trying to nuke it down quickly. You still must all block the Slams!

Inside the black hole

There needs to be the Offtank or Main Tank and 3 DPS going into the black hole as there is a boss in there you need to defeat. And you only get around 100seconds to do so, otherwise the Main Boss enrages and kills everyone. Getting in there quickly and keeping some ultimate for this phase is a good idea.

The Tank down in the black hole must turn the boss away from the other players down there, the boss’s Cleave attack is deadly. The Tank can also stay very very close to the boss and when it cleaves simply sidestep round the boss out of the attack and back in position. Vigor, Shuffle, Coagulating Blood and Igneous Shield will allow you to live without a Healer.

The bridge to the next boss

Well done for getting it this far. Manticora isn’t an easy first boss. Luckily you can relax for a while now, only a short while though. The next areas are filled with Rockheaver Trolls, Scaled Court Overchargers and War Priests, as well as smaller mobs.


As a general rule from now on and until reaching the final boss the Main Tank will taunt the Trolls & War Priests and keep them on him, and the Off-tank will taunt Archers & Overchargers. DPS focus down the Overchargers as a priority.

Overchargers do an ability called Call Lightning. This is your main cause of death. It is growing Lightning pools below 2 random players feet which Slows you on each hit, hits rapidly and with alot of damage. Make sure you watch out for this below your feet, do a circular or square movement to avoid getting hit but don’t overlap any other player or they will be hit by it.

After the first room of mobs, you descend the staircase. Stay away from the Tank as the Trolls will throw a Poison AOE called ‘The Gift’ on to him. Any player who stands in this AOE will recieve the gift.

As you go onto the bridge the Overchargers spawn on the right and left sides. Quickly focus down the right Overcharger with Ultimates and debuffs before he gets a chance to get off Call lightning. Be careful focusing the 2nd Overcharger as his Call lightning will target some players.

The Main tank moves forward and greets the incoming Trolls and other mobs. He taunts the Trolls and quickly moves back behind where the group is on the bridge. This brings the Trolls right next to your stack of DPS and once the Overchargers are dead they die from AOE very fast.

Once the first banner is done, swop to the right-side and repeat the cycle of Overchargers > Trolls > War-Priest prioritization and Main Tank bring the Trolls to the DPS by moving back behind the group.

Second Boss: Stonebreaker (28.4million HP)

Stonebreakers ‘Avalanche’ attack now travels in 3 different directions. The Main Tank can still keep the Boss facing him for the main damage if he backs away from the Boss slightly before the Boss uses the Avalanche.

Stonebreaker Boss can be done a few different ways. The first is for the Main Tank to keep the Boss off the Bridge towards the next Switches/Doorway, away from the rest of the group. DPS should quickly kill the first Archer and War Priest that spawn with the Boss. Once they are dead, DPS go to the Boss and do damage to 75%. At 75% an Overcharger will spawn at the end of the Bridge. DPS quickly move to it and kill it, then back to the Boss. Repeat this for 2 Overchargers at 50% and 3 Overchargers at 25%.

Another way to do the Boss is for all players except the Main tank, Off-tank & 1 Healer to run back across the bridge to the end we came from. The Tank, Offtank & Healer then bring the Stonebreaker, War Priest and Archer to the other side of the Bridge. DPS quickly kill the Archer and War Priest and then just focus the Boss. The Overchargers will not run across the bridge and instead all stand waiting for you after the Boss.

At 20% or near abouts the Stonebreaker will go enraged. It’s even more important now to have good positioning on DPS and healers, and to block Avalanches and Slams.

The Path to the 3rd Boss

Once you defeat Stonebreaker you will have to hit 2 levers at the same time to open the next door, and then once again you have 2 levers and a room with 2 doors. Get Groups #1 & #2 close to the Left doorway, and Group #3 over by the Right doorway. Press both levers and the left group goes in, DPS focus down the Overchargers while the Main tank goes up the stairs, taunts the Troll at the back and makes his way back down the stairs and behind the boxes. This brings the Troll into the middle of the DPS, and keeps the poison only on you.

The right door kills the mobs on that side and 1 DPS goes and waits by the right lever while the healer and other DPS go back to help the Left side. When both sides are down, 1 DPS press each lever and everyone in the middle except the Main Tank stay close to the Trolls that come through the next door. The Main tank stays back in the room and keeps the Troll poison just on him/herself while the DPS finish them.

Next room has a wooden walkway, everyone quickly cross the walkway and stack at the end of it. This spot is safe from the ‘random’ Poison strikes which drop around the area. The Main Tank grab all 4 Trolls and stand either behind the group again or far across the room away from the stack. Once these Trolls are down, trigger the next set of mobs by walking up the stairs. DPS and Healers stay on the right side and Main Tank on the left of the stairs taunting the 2 Trolls.

Another set of Overchargers and smaller mobs and 3 Trolls. DPS/Healers run and stay close to the trolls, Main Tank taunt all the Trolls and stay behind group again. Watch for random Poison strikes here it is a small space. When this mob is down, pick either the Left door or the Right door and repeat the same strategy twice more on each room. 1 DPS each go to the Left/Right levers and press at the same time.

Another stairs of mobs and Trolls and then the large mob packs. Once you get to the top of the stairs all quickly move to the left passage and hide behind the box (seen in screenshot below) and await the mobs and Trolls. When they get close enough to the group, roll dodge out of the surprise box and throw down 1 Nova. Main Tank can keep the Trolls on him and move to the middle. Just before the last mob dies, everyone move quickly to the middle of the room and then stack behind the fire brazier. When the next mob pack comes out there will be 6 Trolls. The Main Tank must taunt them all and keep the poison only on him. A Nova down here and some Ultimates saved for this can help wipe it fast.

Third Boss: Ozara (31 Million HP)


The key to Ozara is to Unbolt and Revive. These 2 things must be done quickly.

Two ways to do this Boss.

Ozara & the Overchargers

The normal way is to have the Main Tank hold Ozara & the Overcharger. The Off-tank must hold the War Priest, the Troll, the Archer & both Skirmishers.

The Main Tank is positioned at the Overcharger spawn door and taunts the Main Boss to there.

The Off-Tank stands to the side of the group and keeps the Archer arrow spray facing away from the group, aswell as the Troll AOE Slams.

Healers and DPS must form a Half-Circle around Ozara & the Overchargers with 1 Healer on each side.

DPS Focus the boss but keep your AOE damage abilities on both Ozara and the Overcharger. The Overcharger will respawn some 15 seconds after it dies.

Not unpinning your teammates quickly, or stacking too close together, or not reviving quickly enough, will result in a wipe.


As you enter the fight, after 5-10 seconds Ozara will pin 2 random players to the floor in a lightning AOE. Other players can release them by standing in the AOE and pressing their Synergy button (default X). Remember the Troll Poison and the Overcharger Lightning AOE. If too many people try to get the same person up sometimes this can result in alot of deaths.


The Main Tank has to stay at the Overcharger door. Create a half-circle of melee DPS around the back and sides of the Boss. Make sure none are overlapping. Add 1 Healer to each side on a 2nd row. Now fill in the 2nd with the rest of the DPS. These are the positions people must stick to. Too close together and the pins overlap and players get Vaporized.

The Easy way

Everything is the same except 1 DPS slot Inner Fire and a Group Heal ability. They stand near the entrance to the Boss arena with the Off-tank. When the fight begins, the 1 DPS taunts the Overcharger, runs to the Shaman and kills the totem. Keep the Overcharger taunted and once the totem is dead run back through the entrance door taunting the Overcharger every 15s. Keep running through the level until your team complete the Boss.

The same goes for the Off-tank. As the fight begins, taunt the Archer, the War Priest & the Troll and run out through the entrance door and back through the level. Make sure you keep something taunted to stop them losing interest.

Path to the Final Boss

Once the boss is dead, Main Tank move to the next door out of the room and taunt the 3 Trolls as they come through. Move through them and up to the top of the next ramp. DPS stay at the Trolls and AOE them down.

Next room is another larger mob pack, and the last pack of mobs before the final boss (unless your doing the feeding pit).

Everyone run and stack up behind the stone (in screenshot below) and make sure your behind it so the mobs can’t hit you. The Tank and Off-Tank roll dodge into the mobs and try to taunt as much as possible, each moving to one side door each. The DPS and Healers either stay ranged or right on top of the Trolls in the middle of the room. Dont go near either Tank and prepare for poison on everyone.

The Final Boss: The Serpent (59.3Million HP)

Victory is within sight, only The Serpent himself to beat and if this is your first try on this boss you can expect a lengthy fight. If your food has less than 20 minutes maybe think about taking some more. Repair any armor that might be broken also.

For the Group Leader

If your the leader of the group, you need to check a few things. First is that everyone has a High-Cost Magicka ability on at least 1 skillbar. This is a skill that costs alot of Magicka to cast. Examples are abilities such as Purge or Seige Shield from the Alliance War Support skill line. These can cost 6-8k Magicka.

Second is your Mitigation order for the Poison phase so usually 3 Healers with 3 Novas is enough, with perhaps 1 Nightblade with a Veil of Blades as backup. If you have players with the Aggressive Horn skill from Alliance war Assault skill line then do a rotation for horns aswell.

Third, the Off-tank is now ‘The Lamia Team’. He will keep the 2 Lamia’s busy while the rest of the fight is going on.

Finally organize how your group is separating for the Orbs phase. Usually with our groups we have each Group #1/2/3 going a different way from the middle circle where everyone is stacked. This usually gives the highest chance for everyone to pick up one Orb. Group #1 goes Left (as we’re looking at the boss from entrance door), Group #2 towards the Altar and Group #3 goes to the Right.


For the Main Tank

Your going to be facing the Boss away from the rest of the group so that the Boss’s Cleave attack only hits on you. Anyone else caught in this will usually be one shotted. Using Heroic Slash on the Boss lowers it’s damage and increases your Ultimate gain. During the majority of the fight your the only person who will recieve damage (apart from the Off-tank on the Lamia Team, and during the Poison phase). This means you only really need 1 Healer healing you and the other Healer can DPS. Again,  prioritize Aggressive Horn over Magma Shell, and use it when you’ve got the Mantikora taunted next to the Serpent.

For the Off-Tank

Your job can be nice and relaxing. Taunt both lamias. Run around. Evade them. Dance a little. But make sure your in the healing springs when the Poison Cloud comes. Where ever you chose to keep the Lamia, watch out for the Blob on hardmode.

For the Healers

As mentioned, you might want to have back-bar DPS available for when the Main Tank is alone with only the Serpent. One healer can stay healing the Main Tank so decide who is doing what between you before the fight. Remember constant shards at the back of the boss for your Stamina DPS players. 1 Healer try to run with Elemental Drain on the Serpent and aswell on the Mantikora when it comes up. Stack Elemental Drain and Siphon ability from Restoration Staff, your Magicka players will get their Magicka back from attacking the target. Your Novas are very important for the start of the Poison phase. When the boss comes out of the ground the first Poison strike hits harder than the rest so have your HoT (Heals over Time) down on the middle circle before this hits. There’s a video of the fight from the Healer’s perspective below.

Phases of the Boss Fight

Once you pass the banners the Main Tank taunts the Serpent and faces him away from the rest of the group. Take him to the centre of the circle. Everyone else group/stack up at the back of the Boss (this is good practice for the Hardmode also).


First Mechanic: Poison Phase.

The Boss goes down underground and appears again in the centre of the circle. He strikes the ground releasing a Poisonous Gas that fills the entire room. Everybody stack on the circle and use your Mitigation rotation here before he strikes the ground.

After he finishes the Poison he does a Cleave attack as soon as he stands up. The Main Tank must taunt him and move backwards so when the Boss stands up he moves to the Tank and then does the Cleave, away from the group.

Second Mechanic: The Totems & Lamia.

As soon as the Poison ends the Lamias come from the Left side of the arena and 2 Totems (1 Green 1 Blue) appear at random around the arena. The Off-tank must taunt both Lamia and keep them out of the DPS AOE damage. So the less damage taken by the Lamia the better!

The Buff totem has a beam that heals/buffs the Serpents HP/resistances.

The Pull and can pull one player to it at random. If the green beam is on you roll dodge immediately back to the group. It may take 2 roll dodges until you are out.

The Blue Totem is the Magicka bomb Totem. This puts a Blue glow on a random player every 20-30 seconds. That player must very quickly drain all of his Magicka down to 10% or as low as possible. However much Magicka you have left when the bomb explodes is times’d by a multiple to calculate the damage you take.

After the Totems & Lamia there is another Poison Phase.


Third Mechanic: Mantikora’s back! (3.9 Million HP)

When the Poison ends a Mantikora will appear from one of the pools of water in the arena. There are 2 different ways to do this; one, the Main Tank taunts it aswell as the Serpent and they stay close and DPS AOE them both; or two, the Off-Tank takes the Mantikora into the circle and the DPS quickly Single target it down. DPS try to save your Horns and Damage Ultimates for killing the Mantikora, it needs to die very fast and has 1Million HP.

After the Mantikora’s dead the Serpent goes down again for another Poison Phase then another Lamia phase, then Poison again, and then another Mantikora.

Fourth Mechanic: Orbs! Stand on them!

After the 2nd Mantikora dies (and after every 2nd Mantikora thereafter) there is another Poison phase and then the Orbs phase. Just before the Poison ends, get your Groups #1-3 in position on their appropriate sides of the circle. As it ends, glowing pink orbs appear on the ground around the circle, to the left, to the right and near the altar stone.

Each player must pick up 1 Orb and 1 Orb only. Prioritize the Main Tank, the Off-tank and the Healers. As soon as the explosion goes off, anyone not with an Orb Shield will die so prepare to revive them straight away. After 5-10 seconds the Boss starts the cycle again from the First Mechanic.

The Last Stand: Extended Poison and Orbs!

When you get the Serpent down very low, 1-4% health, he will go down for a final Poison phase. This lasts until the boss is down to 0% health and then even longer! So don’t stop healing and DPS, throw down any mitigation you might have and get ready to grab the Orbs of victory! All you need is one player alive to grab an Orb and the Serpent will be defeated. Congrats and don’t forget to loot in the excitement, and grab your coffer.

Set Drops

  • Wise Mage
  • Twice Fanged Serpent
  • Immortal Warrior

Video Walkthrough